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    1. Book your session around your schedule + Arrive for your appointment. 2. From beginning to end your session time should last approx. 20-30 minutes. 3. Tan Consultation - we discuss your skin and overall tan goal 4. Custom Mix Tan - based on consultation your spray tan artist will custom mix your solution to achieve the best color for your unique skin tone. 5. Prep - your spray tan artist will ensure you are provided any disposables (hair net, nose filters, lip balm, etc.) and a special hand treatment is applied. 6. Tan Application - 2 very light coats of spray solution is applied to your skin using our specialized airbrush spray techniques for precise results. 7. Dry + Set- we offer a signature blending and drying technique for a flawless finish. 8. You will be given the remainder of your appointment time to redress and meet us in our lobby for checkout.
    DURING YOUR TAN: +following our undergarment policy (all guests under the age of 16 and all male clients must wear a bottom undergarment during the spray tan session.) choose your undergarments and clothing worn during the spray tan carefully. anything left on will leave a tan line. +after your tan be sure to wear loose, dark clothing and easy sandals. do not wear jeans, leggings, or any tight clothing.
  • WILL I TURN ORANGE? + the facts
    this is a very common + mainstream concern for first time spray tanners. our answer is always the same: an orange tint on someone's skin is usually from the following reasons: + the solution did not properly match their undertones + the solution was left on too long for proper development. + an incompatible product was applied to the skin post tan that caused severe brassiness. (sadly this does happen often) we take every precaution at Bronze Glow Tan to take your natural skin tone, undertones and overall complexion into account when custom-mixing your solution. our goal is to ensure a flawless + glowing tan and work with you to make that possible!
    This is a very general answer to a question that we receive most often. Answer: most spray tans last anywhere between 6-8 days. Info to consider: spray tans act like a temporary tattoo on the top layer of your skin. your skin has a cellular turnover process that only lasts so long, which is why our skin dries up and sloughs off every so often. this means that your spray tan is only a temporary color which is designed to fade away so that new skin can show up. Also, spray tans cling to healthy, moisturized skin for much longer when we prepare our skin properly and care for it throughout the tan's life. Its very important to consider the care and upkeep when getting a spray tan. If not cared for - it will not develop well or last. *Skin Type, Skin Condition, Hydration, Products used and many other factors play a huge role in how long your specific spray tan will last. We do not guarantee a specific length for your spray tan and we encourage you to follow the Prep Tips for the best results possible.
    Very Important Advice - if you have never had a spray tan, please book a trial tan 2-4 weeks prior to your event to ensure that you are happy with the color. a trial tan is a full spray tan session that we use to adjust color for your special occasion. If you are comfortable with the spray tan process then we recommend that you spray tan at least 2 days prior to your event. if you know your dates - please book in advance as busy season appointments tend to fill up quickly.
    we are committed to educating our clients on the best way to maintain and nourish your spray tan. the products used after your spray tan appointment will either help your spray tan or break down the color quickly. our studios carry spray tan safe: body wash, moisturizers, tan extender lotions and an array of luxury self tanning products. we do our best to ensure the products are versatile to use between appointments and conveniently sized for easy travel.
    absolutely - we love sending clients off on trips with a great spray tan to start! here is our best guidance for vacation spray tans: - remember that chlorine + salt water will increase your spray tan fading as they are both natural exfoliators. so your spray tan will only survive if not exposed to exfoliators often. - the best course of action to keep glowing on vacation is to always pat skin dry whenever you take a dip in the pool, ocean or lake. - use a specially formulated tan extender lotion to stay moisturized. the tan extender lotion will add a hint of color throughout your vacation to ensure your tan is replenished. - last but not least- use a waterproof sunscreen + reapply often.
    we take all allergies + skin conditions very seriously at BRONZE GLOW TAN. + we require clients to notify us of any ingredient, food or known allergy before your spray tan session. + we also ask to inform of us any skin issues prior to your appointment. If you present with open wounds, skin irritations or have an allergy to an ingredient in any of our products we reserve the right to not offer a spray tan service to help protect our clients, our staff and business.
    - spray tans do not protect your skin from sunburn and overexposure to uv rays. - if you have been sunburned in any capacity in the last 6 weeks it is not advised to spray tan. (trust us - it won't look good) - always choose a waterproof sunscreen and apply often while exposed to the sun. - spray tans differ slightly for every person due to skin health, dryness, skin care habits, DHA level used in solution, product type + age. each person has a unique skin chemistry and no color/shade of tan will look the same on different people. skin pigment, lifestyle, medication, diet, hormones, menstration, pregnancy + menopause are just a few factors that can effect the outcome of spray tan color, development and wear. - we do reserve the right to advise you not to spray tan due to various factors that could potentially cause unfavorable results such as: sunburn, peeling, open wounds, recent piercings, fresh tattoos, severe skin conditions. our client's best interest is priority. *we are here to answer any questions that you may have. please ask.
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