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the artists.

behind the spray tan

  • Imagine an aisle full of self tanning products, the at home application - resulting in dark hands, messy wrists + feet. 

  • Imagine hot pink sunburns and scorching tanning bed skin. 

  • Imagine one last view from the inside of a tan booth – confused with all of the directions and unsure of the results.  


These three scenarios are how + why Bronze Glow Spray Tan's story began in 2017.  

Founder, Jennifer Raedy like so many other women strived for the best tan with results being sunburns and skin damage.  Her adventures helped launch Bronze Glow Spray Tan and opened up a new outlook on safe, beautiful tanning. 


Since then Bronze Glow has grown into a talented group of spray tan pros that are highly trained, certified and undergo continued education. With two locations serving thousands of clients a year - we have simplified the process.  Our dedication to the goal of flawless spray tans is unwavering.  


So welcome to Bronze Glow Spray Tan, if you’ve tried self tan lotions, sunbathing for hours, tanning beds or spray booths and weren’t in love with the results then just know that you will absolutely fall in love with an airbrush tan.

see you on the bronzed side - xoxo
 jenn + paige + savannah +  
 nicci' + chloe'
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