• moisturize your skin well in the days leading up to your spray tan.
  • hydrate by drinking plenty of water which also helps to moisturize your skin
  • exfoilate w/ a loofah or scrub daily to ensure you have fresh clean skin
  • shave/wax - do not shave the same day as your appointment as this may cause your pores to remain open and spots may occur. the best time to shave is 1-2 days before.
  • shampoo + condition the day before. shampoo/conditioner can possibly remain on skin if not properly rinsed and create a barrier between your skin and the tan.
  • mani/pedi/massage - please ensure that nail or massage services are done BEFORE your appointment. many of these services use oil based products that will break down your tan. *we do not recommend mani/pedi services after your spray tan. if you do choose to recieve a massage after, request lotion over oil. if you choose to receive a mani/pedi after request a dry service.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: if you have a visible sunburn, peeling or any previous sunburn in the last 30 days we do not recommend that you spray tan. your skin is still in a healing process during this time and results could be very unfavorable.



  • what to wear? many clients opt for various choices such as swimwear, undies + bra, or some skip undergarments altogether. this is soley up to the client and is usually based off of their preference and level of comfort.
  • please arrive with completely clean and product free skin. no make-up, no lotion, no deodorant, etc. *we have wipes available for you if needed to remove any deodorant + makeup. *any product left on skin can effect the quality of your spray tan - causing discoloration, spots, blotchy effects, etc.
  • if you need to rinse /shower at home before your tan, please simply rinse in warm warm prior to arrival. *do not shave before your spray tan.
  • Consultation: we will spend a few moments discussing your tan color request, upcoming event and skin type.
  • Custom Mix: our wide variety of solutions are mixed to create a custom color specifically for you + your skin. we do not use a one type fits all solution.
  • Prep: you will be lightly misted with our skin prep spray to help eliminate oils and balance your skin PH level to prepare for the spray tan solution to be applied.
  • Tan: the spray tan will be applied in 2 very light coats using hand spray techniques for very precise results.
  • Dry + Set: we will then set your tan with a unique blending process and a quick dry powder to ensure a flawless tan.
  • Dress: once you are dry, we request that you wear loose, dark clothing and open toe shoes for after your tan. Do not wear tight clothing as this will smear/ smudge your tan during the develop time. *please do not wear leggings, jeans, socks afterwards.
Your full spray tan session can be expected to last approx. 20-25 minutes from arrival to end of appointment. We will ensure you are completely comfortable and dry.



  • absolutely - 100% no sweating + stay dry while your spray tan is developing.
  • you will be provided a rinse/shower time based on your spray tan type. please follow this guidance for the best results possible.
  • during your rinse, you will notice that the top layer of bronzer will be colored and it is advised to rinse until the water runs clear using your hands only. do not loofah or scrub during this first rinse.
  • please note that it is advised to allow your spray tan to fully develop a full 24 hours. your color will continue to develop during this time even after you have rinsed.
  • you may shower after a full 24 hours using a mild body wash.
  • always pat skin dry - do not rub skin with towel harshly.
  • do not use bar soap or heavily fragranced soaps+ lotions. these contain high alcohol content and will strip your tan color quickly.
  • if you find any darker spots after your rinse, this is normal as some bronzer may remain on drier skin spots. simply rinse again w/ very light rubbing.


  • the average spray tan can last from 5-9 days and completely depends on your skin type, condition, products used and other various factors.
  • it is highly recommended to choose high quality products made for spray tans wherever possible. *ask us about these at your session.
  • it is essential to use a quality lotion 2x a day to help your skin remain moisturized. moisturized skin will help your tan last a bit longer.
  • as your skin naturally recycles, your tan will begin to fade and you should begin to lightly exfoilate. this will help your skin appear less blotchy for natural fading.
  • to help remove final shades of fading spray tan, you can soak in a warm bath and further exfoilate your skin w/ a dry washcloth.
  • after your spray tan, we suggest not using exfoilating face products for a few days.
  • for your face: use a mild face wash and moisturize as usual. your face is likely the place that your spray tan will fade faster and this usually due to the products that we use daily in our skincare routine. *also just an FYI insider tip: we find that face cleaning wipes have more alcohol and will likely remove tan faster as well.


- spray tans do not protect your skin from sunburn and overexposure to uv rays. - always choose a waterproof sunscreen and apply often while exposed to the sun. - spray tans differ slightly for every person due to skin health, dryness, skin care habits, DHA level used in solution, product type + age. each person has a unique skin chemistry and no color/shade of tan will look the same on different people. skin pigment, lifestyle, medication, diet, hormones, menstration, pregnancy + menopause are just a few factors that can effect the outcome of spray tan color, development and wear. - we do reserve the right to advise you not to spray tan due to various factors that could potentially cause unfavorable results such as: sunburn, peeling, open wounds, recent piercings, fresh tattoos, severe skin conditions. our client's best interest is priority. *we are here to answer any questions that you may have. please ask.



1. Book your session around your schedule + Arrive for your appointment. 2. From beginning to end your session time should last approx. 20-30 minutes. 3. Skin Consultation - we check your skin type and talk tan color. 4. Custom Mix Tan - based on consultation we will custom mix your solution to achieve the best color for your unique skin tone. every color is individually matched. 5. Prep Skin - we apply a mist of PH prep spray to your skin to balance oils and prep the skin for your spray. 6. Tan Application - 2 very light coats of spray solution is applied to your skin using hand spray techinques for precise perfect results. 7. Dry + Set - we set your tan with a special blending brush and ensure a quick dry time with a natural drying shimmer powder. After you may dress in very loose, dark clothing + open shoes while your tan develops. We will provide you all the necessary tips, pre + post tan advice for the best spray tan experience. You can expect with proper prep and care that your spray tan will last 5-7 days depending on your skin type, skin condition, products used and other various factors.


this is a very common + mainstream concern for first time spray tanners. our answer is always the same: we custom mix your solution to your exact skin tone to ensure that your tan looks natural. an orange tint on someone's skin is usually from having been sprayed with a solution that did not properly match their undertones or the solution was left on too long for proper development. we take every precaution at Bronze Glow Tan to ensure a flawless + glowing tan and work with you to make that possible!


absolutely - we love sending clients off on trips with a great spray tan to start! here is our best guidance for vacation spray tans: - remember that chlorine + salt water will increase your spray tan fading as they are both natural exfoilators. - the best course of action to keep glowing on vacation is to always pat skin dry - use a specially formulated tan extender lotion to stay moisturized. the tan extender lotion will maintain color throughout your vacation to ensure your tan is replenished. - last but not least- use a waterproof sunscreen + reapply often.


Very Important Advice - if you have never had a spray tan, please book a trial tan 2-4 weeks prior to your event to ensure that you are happy with the color. a trial tan is a full spray tan session that we use to adjust color for your special occasion. If you are comfortable with the spray tan process then we recommend that you spray tan at least 2 days prior to your event. if you know your dates - please book in advance as busy season appointments tend to fill up quickly.


we recommend spray tan aftercare products simply because we know exactly what will help keep your tan fresh and long lasting. - skip bar soap - use a mild body wash - use a paraben free lotion 2x a day - waterproof sunscreen - skip using face wipes as they pull away color we carry body wash, tan extender lotion and body scrub that are specially made to care for and extend the life of your spray tan. if you would like to sample them at your next spray tan session please let us know!


This is a very general answer to a question that we receive most often. Answer: most spray tans last anywhere between 5-7 days. However, we do have clients report that their tans lasted much longer, so we loosely answer this question with respect to the prep and care guidelines. Simply put, spray tans cling to healthy, moisturized skin for much longer when we prepare our skin properly and care for it throughout the tan's life. *Skin Type, Skin Condition, Hydration, Products used and many other factors play a huge role in how long your specific spray tan will last. We do not guarantee a specific length for your spray tan and we encourage you to follow the Prep Tips for the best results possible.



Best Tips for a Flawless Wedding Tan 1. Book your Trial Tan as soon as you know your dates. A trial tan can be used for parties, gatherings before your big day to help access how your color looks in all light sources. 2. Exfoilate for fresh hydrated skin. Fresh new skin is great for a long lasting tan. 3. Invest in a hydrating lotion, gentle body wash and tan extender for your honeymoon. 4. Pre-Book your Wedding Tan 2-3 days before your wedding day. Take into account your reception times and other activites to allow your spray tan to develop perfectly. 5. Plan all your beauty services (hair color, nails, massages, eyelashes, brows) BEFORE your spray tan. Most services use ingredients that will block your tan and potentially cause issues. Finally - remember your wedding party. each bestie that tans with you will get a fabulous discount and will be a great girl time! *We do offer bridal bronze parties at our Spray Studio - or we can book a group spray at your location to make your wedding schedule easier.


Our intimate spray tan studio is happy to accomodate your group to host a spray tan party. You are able to block off time slots and spray with your besties. Groups of 4 or more are required With 5 or more the Host Tans for Free! Call or email to book your slot!

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